I consider online Videos and Audio-media as a very valuable source of information. I listen to podcasts, watch tutorial videos, and expand my common knowledge with help of various science channels on a daily bases. However, watching a two hour podcast, a thirty minute tutorial, and twenty minutes of science videos takes away 2 hours and 40 minutes of your valuable time; This is more than a tenth of a whole day! What if I tell you that you can cut this time by 25 % or even 50 %?

It’s easy! Just increase the playback speed of your video, podcast, or whatever type of media your consuming by 20 to 50 %. After a few minutes you get used to the faster talking speed and you saved a few minutes of your valuable time!

So but how to actually do it? Not every media source allows you to easily change the playback speed.


If you are on YouTube, it is easy. You just have to switch to the HTML5-player by visiting this site: https://www.youtube.com/html5 After that, you can change the playback-speed of your video by clicking on the small gear-symbol in the bottom right of the player.

Any other Source

If you are enjoying your media on any other site, you can utilize the near endless power of the VLC-Media-Player. You just need to obtain the stream URL somehow. This is usually easily done by right clicking the media object:

However, some services, like Vimeo, make it somewhat harder for you to get the media URL. But, if you are using the Firefox it is still pretty easy. Just right click the site and select view page info; And under the Media-Tab you should find an entry with the type video or audio:

Unfortunately I haven’t found a reliable way for all you Chrome users out there. So, if you know one - Leave a comment!

The only thing left to do, is feeding the URL to VLC:

And now you have all powerful playback controls of VLC available for your stream or podcast!